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Fluffy pancakes recipe with assorted ice cream and raspberry sauce

Fluffy pancakes recipe with assorted ice cream and raspberry sauce

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Fluffy pancakes recipe

Mix eggs with sugar and oil, then add alternately flour and milk, mixing to blend. We thin the composition with carbonated mineral water, mixing lightly for uniformity. A composition of the consistency of a fresh, flowing cream is obtained. Flavor everything with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix.

Heat the pan for pancakes and drip a maximum of half a teaspoon of oil, trying to disperse the drops on the entire surface of the pan. Take the polish from the pancake composition and pour this composition into one edge of the pan, quickly rotating the pan so that the liquid covers the entire base.

Let the pan simmer for a minute, until the edges of the pancake come off the pan slightly. With a spatula (or hand) turn the pancake, leaving it for 30 seconds to bake on the other side.

We take out the pancakes on a plate, and when they cool we fill them according to our preferences.

I chose to make with ice cream and raspberry sauce: X

Costel wanted classics with strawberry jam.

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