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Baseball Cocktails to Drink During the Season

Baseball Cocktails to Drink During the Season

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Baseball is a game of traditions and superstitions, from the seventh-inning stretch to the wave. And heaven help you if you accidentally step on a chalk line on your way to the dugout.

But it’s time to shake things up a bit. We’re well aware that the combination of baseball and beer has a long and storied history, but we’d like you to try fixing a cocktail instead of reaching for a brewski just once. (If you’re really worried, sip it between innings.)

While mixed drinks can’t boast a legacy like more sudsy beverages, there are a few recipes that can be linked to America’s pastime. That includes the tasty gin-and-vermouth Cooperstown uncovered by award-winning author David Wondrich.

So during baseball season, make the refreshing Grand Slam that calls for fresh lemon juice, curaçao, grenadine and two types of dark rum.

Or whip up the Golden Glove—a relative of the classic Daiquiri also reportedly served by famed Havana bartender Constante Ribalaigua Vert—which consists of white rum, sugar, fresh lime juice and Cointreau.

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