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A Mojito Like You've Never Tried Before

A Mojito Like You've Never Tried Before

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Ask bartenders what the most annoying thing about mixing a Mojito is, and they’ll most likely point to all that muddling. And when those same bartenders get overzealous with the muddler, guests have to suffer through pesky flecks of mint getting stuck in between their teeth. First-world problems? Most definitely. Are these still nuisances on both sides of the bar? For sure. But one resort figured out how to eliminate these cocktail conundrums.

At Amanyara resort, a secluded paradise on the Turks & Caicos island of Providenciales that’s only accessible by a 30-minute drive on an unpaved road, all cocktails are prepped à la minute—part of a drinks program that includes house-made ingredients like basil fennel syrup, ginger lime cordial and celery bitters. Order a Mojito, however, and what arrives at your table just steps from the sparkling Caribbean Sea looks like none you’ve ever seen before.

The signature recipe was created 14 years ago by the first bar supervisor, Nicco De La Torre, who now serves as the Villas’ food and beverage manager. “His inspiration was the Amanyara resort because of its unique design and sense of elegance,” says one of the current bar supervisors, Aris Florida.

What’s the Right Rum for Your Next Mai Tai?

Check out this recipe if you’re looking for an inspired take on the tropical classic. It elevates the traditional Mai Tai by using Angostura rum. That simple choice gives the cocktail mouthwatering hints of chocolate, spice and toasted oak.

The secret? Blend the rum, mint, lime juice and simple syrup instead of muddling and shaking them, then class it up by topping the drink with brut Champagne instead of club soda. The signature cocktail is available for $23 on the menu at the resort’s Main Bar and Beach Club.

“The idea of blending the ingredients was to make the Mojito look more inviting due to its fresh green color and to ensure the mint is blended properly throughout the entire drink,” says Edward Linsley, the former general manager of the Aman resorts. “The mixture is poured through a fine strainer to prevent smaller pieces of mint from remaining in the drink, as mint oxidizes and can turn the drink brown.” Oxidation is precisely the problem with shortcuts like infusing the mint into a syrup or muddling a bunch of drinks in advance and just topping them off with ice and club soda.

There have been guests who have requested flavored variations, and bartenders are always up for tossing in some fresh strawberries or raspberries. “Our Amanyara Mojito always receives great comments and is our best-selling cocktail on the menu,” says Wridju Mukherji, another bar supervisor. “We feel that the Amanyara experience is just not complete without savoring our signature Mojito.”

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