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Transform Leftover White Beans into Three Amazing Meals

Transform Leftover White Beans into Three Amazing Meals

Each month, we encourage you to Cook Once, Eat 3x: Start with one special Sunday recipe that yields a bit extra, then try two quick and easy recipes that transform those leftovers during the week. This is get ahead cooking at its most inventive: instead of repeats night after night, our strategic recipe trio gives you three completely different dinners and zero food waste. Cook a little extra now, and save time and money later!

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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This week, start with a big batch of white beans. Dried white beans are inexpensive, and once soaked and simmered, they become lusciously starchy and creamy. They’re also versatile: delicious in a soup, blended into a puree, or sautéed.

Start your soak on Saturday night or Sunday morning, then simmer until tender. One cup goes into a cheesy cauliflower puree topped with seared shrimp. More beans become the base for a two-bean soup, and the rest are incorporated into a quick collard sauté with collards, bacon, chicken, and a splash of vinegar. Bean boredom? Not with these recipes.

Weeknight 2: Two-Bean Soup with Tomato-Chive CrostiniUse 2 cups of the reserved cooked beans from SundayWant less? If you want just beans for tonight, substitute the equivalent amount of canned unsalted cannellini beans, rinsed and drained.

More Ways with White Beans:

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