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Here Is the Full Trailer for Jennifer Garner's 'Butter'

Here Is the Full Trailer for Jennifer Garner's 'Butter'

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Guys, we all know that if there's anything even more fierce than the tradition that is deep-fried butter at county fairs, it's butter-carving contests. And this movie out Oct. 5 starring Jennifer Garner shows just how intense it is.

Garner plays an politically ambitious local woman whose husband (Ty Burrell) wins the butter-carving contest every year. Yet her husband gets entangled with a smokin' hot stripper (Olivia Wilde, perfect for the morally ambiguous role à la Magic Mike) who then eggs on a super-talented butter-carving orphan (Yara Shahidi). We don't even know who we want to win this one.

Naturally, there's plenty of Jesus-shaped butter, some intricate carvings of eyes and cars, and a deep craving for some popcorn. Watch until the end for an excellent tirade about how butter is really just something you eat on toast, and how (shocker) it's bad for you. The butter-filled movie hits theaters Oct. 5.

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