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What We’re Loving: Urban Bird & Co.’s Etiquette Cloth Napkins

What We’re Loving: Urban Bird & Co.’s Etiquette Cloth Napkins

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When all else fails and you forget your manners, just glance at your napkin

All right, all right, we’ve accepted a lot of changes in the move from classic Emily Post-style etiquette to the new wave of dos and don’ts when it comes to table manners, but there are a few rules that will always remain.

Etiquette laws like eating with your mouth closed, not having your elbows on the table, always saying please and thank you, and never reaching across the table during a meal should always be followed — agreed? In order to succeed during any meal, whether it's a first date, meeting the parents, a business lunch, or just getting through a meal with your grandma without her yelling at you for slouching, these etiquette no-no’s must be avoided.

However, if you should ever forget them, maybe it’s time to invest in these cloth dinner napkins from Etsy’s Urban Bird and Co. Not only are they incredibly witty, but they will definitely be conversation-starter. If you’re a mom, gift them to your off-to-college kids as a joke graduation present.


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